Rebel Outpost 01

A base in Eastern Europe known as the Rebel Outpost

The Disavowed is a rogue counterintelligence outfit founded by Orchid after her discharge from service at the United States' Special Warfare Department. It is also a refuge for agents and soldiers wrongfully disgraced and dismissed to band together and is currently focused mainly on the exposure of Ultratech's wrongdoings to the world. Its headquarters are located somewhere in a war-torn region of Eastern Europe.

Eagle was once part of the Disavowed, but during an Ultratech investigation, he was captured and later transformed into Fulgore. Additionally, when Jago united with Orchid at the end of Season One, he became an honorary member of the organization. The Disavowed have since formed close ties with the Night Guard, and begrudgingly agreed to a shaky Alliance with Ultratech in response to the apocalyptic events unfolding during Shadow Lords.


  • Orchid (founder and leader)
  • Eagle (MIA - Missing in Action)
  • Jago (honorary member)
  • TJ Combo (presumably an honorary member)



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