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Eagle (real name Tipyeléhne, also known in the comics as Black Eagle) is a minor character in Killer Instinct and Killer Instinct (2013). In the comics, he is the older brother of Thunder, while in the games, he is his younger brother. He was kidnapped by Ultratech and used as the basis for their cyborg soldier Fulgore (or the Fulgore Mk. III in the rebooted universe).


Eagle is one of the few characters established within the early Killer Instinct games that does not directly appear in any of them, his likeness only visible in the comics. In some images, he has long, black hair, but in others he is bald. He wears a headband (with feathers in appearances where he is bald) and armbands. He is shown holding a bow in one piece of artwork.

It is currently unknown what his appearance in the rebooted universe truly is. In Rivals Mode, Thunder's classic skin is used as a placeholder graphic until a design has been finalized. In this case, Eagle is a large Native American man with a shaved head, an unbuttoned, sleeveless leather jacket, and brown cargo pants.


Killer Instinct

Like his brother Thunder, Eagle was a skilled warrior. He had entered a previous Killer Instinct tournament and won, using his newfound fame to publicly protest the evils of Ultratech. Unfortunately, this protest was short-lived, as Eagle mysteriously vanished shortly afterwards. Eagle was converted into the first in a line of cyborg soldiers known as the Fulgores, and was sent to participate in the upcoming Killer Instinct tournament. Coincidentally, Thunder entered the same tournament in order to discover the fate of his brother. He did not win the tournament, but he succeeded in finding out that Eagle had seemingly "perished" at the hands of Ultratech. Thunder was initially very upset by this, and spent a long deal of time mourning during the events of Killer Instinct 2. Meanwhile, Eagle as Fulgore had been heavily damaged during his fight with Jago and he was retired. It is unknown if the new Fulgore model present in Killer Instinct 2 was Eagle or not.

Curiously, in Thunder's ending in the first Killer Instinct, a ghastly image of Spinal is shown upon mentioning Eagle. It may very well be that Spinal was originally intended to be an undead Eagle or that he had something to do with his disappearance.

Killer Instinct (2013)

In the alternate rebooted universe, Eagle was a member of Disavowed who worked closely with Orchid to fight against Ultratech. Thunder witnessed his brothers' capture and attacked ARIA in a fit of rage, but he was subdued and Eagle was brought back to Ultratech headquarters. There he was utilized as the "human element" in a prototype for the Fulgore Mk. III, being brainwashed and converted into a brand new cyborg soldier. This Fulgore Mk. III is the one controlled by the player in Arcade Mode.

After Thunder came to terms with his brother's mysterious kidnapping and apparent death, he begrudgingly struck an accord with ARIA to serve Ultratech in exchange for recovering Eagle’s remains. However, while Thunder was going about this ordeal, Orchid revealed to him that Eagle was, in fact, not quite dead. Unfortunately, he was no longer himself, as Ultratech had brainwashed him and made him into the cyborg Fulgore Mk. III. From this point on, Thunder broke his deal with ARIA and began to hunt down all the Fulgores he could in search of the one that was Eagle.


My people have a saying. You are who you take care of. But you, ARIA, take care of nothing. You only take. You think that you are a shepherd, but you are really the wolf.

—Eagle to ARIA.

My weyekin told me the truth. My spirit guide said he is coming for me soon. And you can't stop him. He'll ride the winds of an Ice-Storm.

—Eagle to ARIA.


Killer Instinct (Comics)

Killer Instinct (2013)

Killer Instinct Novella


  • Josiah Pinkham, the Nez Perce consultant for KI 2013 who helped with the production of reimagining Chief Thunder/Hinmatoom, is interestingly named "Tipyeléhne Cimuuxcimux", translated as "Black Eagle", which was the character's codename in the comics.
  • Although Eagle's rebooted physical appearance is unknown at this point, according to the KI Novella chapter "ARIA for Noömorph", he is considered to be handsome "by human standards", and even the AI herself found him pleasing to look upon.
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