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Fulgore is a highly-advanced assault cyborg created by Ultratech. One of the signature characters of the KI franchise, Fulgore made its first debut in the original Killer Instinct (1994) and has remained a playable character in every game of the series ever since. It is usually the main rival of Jago, and represents a "Shotokan" character; utilizing zoning and close combat in a way that is easy to use but difficult to master.


Fulgore's appearance in the first Killer Instinct is the Type-01 model. Its design seems to be based off of a medieval armored knight; its head and face resemble a knight's mask & helmet, its glowing red eyes are slanted into a death glare and lack nose and mouth holes, although it is able to make grunts and screeches. One of its most conspicuous knight-like features is the plume-like extension which protrudes from the back of its head, as seen with many medieval knights' plumed helmets. The rest of Fulgore's body is humanoid, and has random circuitry and electrical tubing showing through its chasis.

Fulgore receives a slight design overhaul in Killer Instinct 2/Gold as the Type-02 is activated. It retains a mostly similar, physical design, though it's slightly more sleek and slim, its armor appearing much sharper and polished, with streaks of metallic blue lining its arms, torso and legs. Yellow highlights and designs are also present on its chest. Its metallic blades are now entirely comprised of energy rather than metal. This is to show this Fulgore is a new, improved model over the original.

Fulgore received a major overhaul in Killer Instinct (2013) as the formidable Type-03. Its face appears sleeker, but is mostly identical to past iterations. Its frame however is more mechanical than previous models - joints, gears, circuitry, wires, and tubes are exposed along its entire body, and each of its limbs is powered by an internal thruster to greatly increase mobility and impact force. The Type-03's mass has been unevenly distributed, having thinner legs and a larger chest and arms, which results in an intentional instability in its design that allows for a greater range of burst movements. When its chest plates open, its nuclear reactor core (itself a powerful weapon) becomes exposed and a label that reads "Mark 03" is revealed. Fulgore's plasma blades are noticeably longer & sharper in this design, having been specialized for close quarter combat techniques that involve stabbing & impaling opponents.

Fulgore's retro costume largely mirrors his KI and KI2 appearance, except it appears lighter and has wider face.

Powers & Abilities

While there have been several different Fulgore designs created by UltraTech, they all carry similar weaponry and fighting styles. Besides basic hand-to-hand combat, impressive athletics, and attacks with his arm-mounted blades, Fulgore has also used a variety of energy-based weaponry. These include firing lasers from its eyes, emitting energy bursts from his claws, a reflective barrier, and teleportation/some form of cloaking device.

A new addition to the third Fulgore model of Killer Instinct (2013) is the nuclear reactor core attack. Fulgore can now gradually store power by standing back and charging the exposed core inside of its chest. A large and powerful laser beam can also be fired from this core.

Killer Instinct


A prototype cybernetic soldier developed by Ultratech, Fulgore was entered into the Killer Instinct tournament as a final test of its combat capabilities. Once its abilities are proven, mass production will begin.

Extended Story
One of Ultratech's latest creations and possibly the most dangerous to date, Fulgore is the first in a planned series of cybersoldiers boasting state-of-the-art armouries, worked at feverishly over the last few years by a particularly erratic Ultratech genius and his team of Asian engineers. Dark rumours abound as to where the prototype's human parts originated - the kind of rumours nobody dares voice. The rumors say the human parts originated from a human organ harvesting operation based in Moscow. Before the Fulgore Mk.I model is even finished, the scientists are already working on an upgrade: and to prove the prototype's ultimate worth, it is entered into the tournament with orders to destroy all opposition.

Stage: Industrial Warehouse


Special Attacks

  • Laser Storm (Single): Down, Down Forward, Forward + Any Punch
  • Laser Storm (Double):Back, Back, Down, Down Forward, Forward + Quick Punch
  • Laser Storm (Triple): Forward, Back, Back, Down, Down Forward, Forward + Quick Punch
  • Plasma-Port: Back, Down, Down Back, Back, + Any Punch Or Any Kick
  • Plasma Slice:Forward, Down, Down Forward + Any Punch
  • Eyelaser: Down Forward, Down, Down Back + Fierce Kick
  • Cyber Dash: Charge Back Then Forward + Any Kick
  • Reflect: Down, Down Back, Back + Any Punch

Special Moves

  • Combo Breaker: Forward, Down, Quarter Forward, Forward And Any Punch
  • Ultra Combo: Forward, Down, Quarter Forward, Forward, Quick Punch

End Specials

  • End Special 1: Down, Quarter Forward, Forward, Any Punch, Medium Punch
  • End Special 2: Forward, Down, Quarter Forward, Right, Any Punch, Fierce Punch
  • End Special 3: Back, Down, Quarter Back, Back, Any Button, Quick Punch
  • End Special 4: Charge Back Then Forward And Any Kick, Medium Kick

Danger Moves

  • No Mercy 1: [Jump Distance] Back, Quarter Back, Down, Quarter Forward, Forward Plus Fierce Kick
  • No Mercy 2: [Sweep Distance] Forward, Quarter Forward, Down, Quarter Back, Back Plus Fierce Punch
  • Humiliation: Back, Quarter Back, Down, Quarter Forward, Forward Plus Medium Kick


The combat test of the Fulgore series assault cyborg has been a success. Mass production can now take place. After years of research, a weapon of awesome power is in the hands of Ultratech. The dawn of a robot controlled empire will soon begin. The first prototype model, Fulgore 1, is deactivated and placed in a museum. The only humans left to view it are now slaves.

Killer Instinct 2


The advanced and deadlier successor to the original Fulgore cyborg destroyed by Jago. Activated after the time jump, its final Ultratech commands are executed... find Jago and kill him.

Extended Story

Even before the Mk. I prototype in the vastly expensive Fulgore project was completed, the scientists at Ultratech were working frenziedly on an updated version. When the original met its match at the hands of Jago, its creator was enraged and set about beating a single directive into the Mk. II’s circuitry, turning it into a single-minded predator and an even more deadly foe than its predecessor. Unfortunately for Jago, not even the timejump has the power to stop it now.

Stage: Museum


  • Cyber Dash: Quarter Back, Down, Quarter Forward, Medium Kick, Fierce Kick [Great Opener]
  • Eye Laser: Quarter Forward, Down, Quarter Back, Medium Punch, Fierce Punch [Great Opener]
  • Laser Storm: Down, Quarter Forward, Forward, Any Punch
  • Fake Laser Storm: Down, Quarter Back, Back, Quick Punch
  • Eye Laser: Quarter Forward, Down, Quarter Back, Fierce Punch, Medium Punch
  • Plasma Slice: Forward, Down, Quarter Forward, Any Punch
  • Electro Flect: Down, Quarter Back, Back, Hold Quick Kick
  • Air Double: Forward, Down, Quarter Forward, Punch
  • Parry Move: Back Plus Hold Quick Punch
  • Pressure Move: Back, Fierce Punch

Special Moves

  • Combo Breaker: Forward, Down, Quarter Forward, Punch or Kick
  • Ultra Combo Breaker: Down, Quarter Back, Back, Quarter Back, Down, Quarter Forward, Forward, *Fierce Punch [Requires 6 Super Bar Blocks]
  • Mini Ultra Combo: Forward, Down, Quarter Forward, Quick Punch
  • Ultra Combo: Forward, Down, Quarter Forward, Quick Kick
  • Ultimate Combo: Forward, Back, Quarter Back, Down, Quarter Forward, Forward, Medium Kick
  • 0-Ultimate Combo: Back, Quarter Back, Down, Quarter Forward, Forward, Back, Medium Punch

Super Moves

  • Inviso: Forward, Quarter Forward, Down, Quarter Back, Back, Fierce Kick [Uses Super Power As You Move]
  • Lock On: Back, Quarter Back, Down, Quarter Forward, Forward, Quick Kick [Requires 1 Super Bar Block]
  • Triple Laser Storm: Back, Quarter Back, Down, Quarter Forward, Forward, Quick Punch [After Lock On]
  • Air Eye Laser: Quarter Forward, Down, Quarter Back, Fierce Punch [Requires 1 Super Bar Block]
  • Plasmaport: Back, Down, Quarter Back, Any Punch Or Kick [Requires 1 Super Bar Block]
  • Super Electro Flect: Quarter Forward, Down, Quarter Back, Forward, Quick Kick [Requires 3 Super Bar Blocks]
  • Super Cyber Dash: Quarter Back, Down, Quarter Forward, Back, Fierce Kick [Requires 3 Super Bar Blocks]

End Specials

  • End Special 1: Quarter Back, Down, Quarter Forward, Medium Kick, Fierce Kick. Fierce Kick
  • End Special 2: Quarter Forward, Down, Quarter Back, Medium Punch, Fierce Punch, Fierce Punch
  • End Special 3: Down, Quarter Forward, Forward, Any Punch, Medium Punch
  • End Special 4: Forward, Down, Quarter Forward, Any Punch, Fierce Punch
  • End Special 5: Forward, Down, Quarter Forward, Quick Punch [After First 4 Enders]


  • No Mercy: Half Circle Forward, Back Plus Medium Punch


Kill Jago & Orchid

Defeating Gargos has opened the way towards a new and more Robot controlled Ultratech. Fulgore's program has run its course. The vengeance of Ultratech is complete with the death of Jago. All of Ultratech's enemies have fallen. Now none stand in the way of their deadliest weapon. Bent on armageddon, Fulgore builds his robotic army. A doomed Earth will soon fall to a merciless enemy.

Kill Jago, Don't Kill Orchid

Defeating Gargos has opened the way towards a new and more Robot controlled Ultratech. Fulgore's program has run its course. The vengeance of Ultratech is complete with the death of Jago. But other spared enemies lie in wait, eager to grasp vengeance and finish it once and for all. Although Fulgore rebuilds Ultratech, Orchid takes a warning to the future. A deadly strike by agents soon ends the Ultratech threat forever.

Kill Orchid, Don't Kill Jago

Defeating Gargos has opened the way towards a new and more robot controlled Ultratech. Fulgore's task lies incomplete and his deadly nemesis is still alive. The error of sparing his nemesis is soon apparent. Jago tracks down Fulgore for a final confrontation. Building modes of cyborgs, Fulgore fights an epic battle against the army raised by his nemesis. A final epic confrontation is inevitable. The fate of the world rests on the outcome...

Don't kill Jago or Orchid

Defeating Gargos has opened the way towards a new and more Robot controlled Ultratech. Fulgore's task lies incomplete and his deadly nemesis is still alive. The combined might of Jago and Orchid assails Fulgore. The price of failure is a high one. Fulgore's failure and destruction at the hands of Jago and Orchid has sealed the fate of Ultratech.

Killer Instinct 2013

Fulgore Artwork Revealed

Fulgore in KI3


Protocols reactivated. Enhanced system bootstrap complete. A new Fulgore prototype is online, with a singular directive: ELIMINATE ENEMIES TO ULTRATECH. However, the mind of the machine is different. It plans. It feels. It is aware. It is somehow... human.

Extended Story

"Fulgore Mark 03 Field Manual-L": HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL

Field Manual-L (FM-L) Part 17b—Special Case Scenario (39a) for Fulgore Mark 03, unitSerial Number: S4.Q4NT.YX-003

Retrieval of the cyborg brain from a partially destroyed unit bearing this unique serial # for transportation to Ultratech Headquarters for repurposing [see Appendix E.7-9b: Repurposing].

DANGER!!! The retrieval of this Fulgore unit’s brain core must be approached with EXTREME CAUTION. Multiple self-destruct and defensive mechanisms have been implemented to keep this brain core from falling into the possession of enemy corporations and/or rogue states. Unit S4.Q4NT.YX-003 is a unique model and is highly adaptable. DO NOT attempt to place its brain core in another unit that is not equipped with Ryatmag™ slot-lock as S4.Q4NT.YX-003 has been known to exhibit rebellious behavior.

Failure to follow directives contained in the FM-L documentation can lead to dismemberment, internal organ failure, chronic illness, brain damage, and death. Failure to keep FM-L information confidential will lead to heavy fines, confiscation of personal property, termination, and imprisonment in an Ultratech private prison complex.

Step 1

Make certain that the damaged Fulgore unit is completely inactive. Suggested tactic: Approach the unit slowly wearing full regulation Class 20 body armor with Ultrafine© deflection shield in “Max” position [see Part 102b-k: tactics for approaching apparently deactivated units of all types].

WARNING! If this Fulgore unit’s Targeting Light suddenly activates at a range of 2.5 meters the technician has two options:

  1. Evacuate area at full speed (Note: this action is problematic if technician is wearing regulation body armor.)
  2. Depress EMP burst immediately (Note: this will fully incapacitate the unit’s electrical functions but may trigger the unit’s lithium battery powered Reflector, i.e. energy shield. Reflector will remain active for up to 18 hours. Prolonged exposure to the shield’s low frequency emission may cause one or all of the following: internal bleeding, psychotic hallucinations, depression and damage to the spleen.)

If unit’s Targeting Light does not activate during approach, then proceed to Step 2.

Step 2

Locate cyborg’s back head plate recessed access panel #2 (matte black finish with hexagonal incised marking) and verify serial number S4.Q4NT.YX-003.

Using the proprietary barrel nut wrench [#7] with extension [#5], turn clockwise on all nuts marked with the UT symbol.

Wire Cutting:

  • Use wire cutters to cut all red wires inside access box.
  • Cut the thicker yellow wire first, then proceed to cut the black wire, leaving the second fatter yellow wire attached.
  • If the blue “burnout” wire has not been melted, and it is still connected to the port marked “C-L9,” leave it UNCUT. If this wire is jiggled the S4.Q4NT.YX-003 unit will self-destruct immediately [see Appendix Xx1.7 for Close Proximity Explosion Survival Statistics and Standard Practices].

Suggestion: Do not speak, hum, or breathe loudly during the cutting of wires: this Fulgore unit’s vibration detector is set to maximum and may initiate unexpected “Defensive Rollout Maneuver” [classified] of all remaining cyborg parts.

WARNING! Beware of random Plasma Storm burst from unit’s claws. If plasma burns through Class 20 body armor, then:

  • Call for immediately evac and
  • Depress “Cooling Gel” feature on wrist control pad (Note: if wrist control pad is compromised initiate manual cooling gel application protocol.)

Step 4

Place neodymium magnet (Ryatmag™) unlocking key in unmarked heptagram-shaped slot (see Appendix Y: Visual Dictionary of Unusual Slot Shapes) to unlock brain.

Step 5

Depress Ryatmag™ key with force exceeding 20kp (44lb) until neodymium magnet is flush with slot edge. WARNING! If Ryatmag™ was not placed precisely with star’s line-up marks on slot’s edge in Step 4, the Fulgore unit will let forth a single burst of its Devastation Beam [see Appendix Z4,8.73: Field Tech Beneficiaries and Funeral Arrangements Supplementary Tables, Full Time Employees (FTE) Only].

Step 6

Once the Ryatmag™ has been secured inside the slot the Fulgore unit’s brain is ready to be placed in its Ultrafoam™ carrying case for transportation.

Case will automatically lock with quantum-encryption code. Do not attempt to open case as self-destruction will occur. Proceed immediately to Pinnacle and deliver directly to Repurposing Lab (Sub-level 21x). [See: Access to undisclosed levels of Ultratech.]

Suggestion: Do not pick up small children for two weeks after handling brain core [see “Radiation Exposure handbook”].

Step 8

Don’t forget to fill out your FM-L Completed Task Report (CTR) and rate the efficacy of this manual’s section!


Testing on unit S4.Q4NT.YX-003 has revealed that its eye beams were misaligned and not traveling all the way to the intended target. Laser reticles can be re-aligned in the field using the simple procedures outlined in section FM-L part 1004b—2039b pp 347-867 and FM-L Appendix 2 (2nd revised edition).

Stage: Ultratech Industries (Similarity of both Industrial Warehouse (KI) and Museum (KI2))

During an Ultra Combo, a retort in the background will explode, making an orb-like shield and becomes magnetic causing some metallic items to float and to be sucked into the magnetic fiery retort, which causes it to become distorted.


Command Attacks:

  • Gravity Strike:
  • Axis Slash:
  • Throw:

Special Moves:

  • Blade Dash:
  • Eye Laser:
  • Energy Bolt:
  • Plasma Slice:
  • Plasmaport:
  • Charge Reactor:

Shadow Moves:

  • Shadow Blade Dash:
  • Shadow Eye Laser:
  • Shadow Laser Barrage:
  • Shadow Energy Bolt:
  • Shadow Plasmaport:
  • Devastation Beam:

Combo Openers:

  • Blade Dash:
  • Shadow Blade Dash:
  • Eye Laser:
  • Shadow Plasmaport:

Combo Linkers:

  • Blade Dash:
  • Eye Laser:
  • Shadow Eye Laser:
  • Shadow Blade Dash:
  • Shadow Plasmaport:

Combo Enders:

  • Blade Dash:
  • Eye Laser:
  • Plasma Slice:
  • Energy Bolt:
  • Shadow Plasma Slice:
  • Shadow Energy Bolt:

Ultra Combo Hits: 23 Hits

Reactor Gauge: (Season 2) Fulgore has a 10 piece meter as his super gauge which replaces the Shadow Meter. Fulgore will gain a piece of meter over time as his reactor fills a small meter above his reactor gauge. When this meter is full, a pip of meter is earned. The meter speeds up whenever he is attacking the opponent but slows down when he is not attacking or is using some of his energy based special attacks. He can also manually gain pips of meter through a command. A pip of meter can be spent to cancel a special move with another special move. Four pips are spent when performing a Shadow Move or a Shadow Counter. When the reactor meter has four green pips, his forward movement is improved, when he gains four yellow pips, his backwards movement is improved and when his meter is full, Fulgore's dashes are improved.

Instinct Mode - Devastation Beam: (Season 2) Fulgore activates his instinct, causing his Reactor Gauge to gain tics at full speed. After the Reactor Meter is full, Fulgore can fire a massive laser beam from his chest which can cause upwards of 40% damage. Following a Season 2 patch, the beam will inflict some Potential Damage (even when blocked) and during Instinct Mode, repeating the Instinct command will allow Fulgore to manually add a single tic to his Reactor Gauge (similar to the Season 1 charging mechanic).

Combo Trait - Auto-Triples: Fulgore can perform three hits for his auto-double by holding down the button he uses for that double. If the third hit connects without being broken, Fulgore gains a tic of meter for his Reactor Guage. This cannot be done with manuals.


Kill Fulgore, Don't Kill Orchid

SYSTEM MALFUNCTION. KILLING BLOW ABORTED. How can a machine know mercy? Fulgore cannot ignore his imperative to destroy but human "memories" interfere with his machine logic. Unable to digest the echoes of a fighting spirit, Fulgore attempts to process his true nature.

Kill Orchid, Don't Kill Fulgore

PROTOTYPE. APPROVED. Echoes of a lost humanity have been purged from Fulgore's systems. The sum of what remains is a merciless machine, driven to destroy. Without a cycle spared to savor his victories, Fulgore begins a search for his next adversary.

Kill Orchid & Fulgore

Thousands of Fulgores have been created, only to be destroyed, remade, and improved upon... But this one is different. Individuality and independence now race through his circuits. Still a killing machine, Fulgore rejects his coded imperatives and ponders his next target.

Signature Moves


Fulgore in KI2/Gold.

  • Cyber Dash: Fulgore moves at Quick Speed hitting the opponent with his plasma claw. (KI 1,KI 2/Gold)
  • Cyber Upper Cut: Fulgore flies in the air delivering a uppercut using his plasma claw. (KI 1,KI 2/Gold)
  • Eye Laser: Fulgore emits an laser from his eyes. Also can be perform in the air. (KI 2/Gold)
  • CyberPort: Fulgore's body turns black, enabling him reappear in front or behind the opponent. (KI 1,KI 2/Gold).
  • Reflector: Fulgore emits a reflective blue energy shield that surrounds his entire body granting him the ability repel projectiles that are thrown at him. (KI 1,KI 2/Gold).
  • Plasma Storm: Fulgore shoots out a plasma wave projectile from his claws. (KI 1,KI 2/Gold.) Can be done Three times.
  • Electric Spark: Fulgore sends out a short surge from his eyes. (KI 1)

No Mercy Moves

  • Termination: Fulgore sends out a targeting light. Once it locks on, it obliterate the opponent. (KI 2/Gold)
  • Laser Site: Fulgore laser blasts the opponent to death. (KI 1).
  • Machine Morph: Fulgore Changes into a battle machine and shoots the opponent repeatedly. (KI 2/Gold).
  • Turret Morph: Fulgore Changes his head into a turret-like gun and shoots the opponent repeatedly. (KI 1).


  • The Killer Instinct comics (appendages to the original Killer Instinct's lore) showed Fulgore having a human face behind its chasis, and also implied that the cyborg's internal organs had been illegally "harvested" by Ultratech from somewhere in Moscow, Russia.
  • In Killer Instinct (2013), one of Chief Thunder's endings reveals that Ultratech has plundered the mind of his younger brother, Eagle, in order to create the artificial intelligence needed for the Fulgore Mark 03. The 5th chapter of the Killer Instinct Novella, titled "ARIA For Noomorph", details how ARIA utilized Eagle's brain wave patterns as a base for the cyborg's AI system, transferring them into Ultratech's most advanced Type-03 model.
  • Kevin Bayliss, an artist of the original Killer Instinct, stated in his Twitter hashtag #killerinstinctfacts that Fulgore's sounds were created by mixing synth effects with pig squeals. They explicitly wanted him to not have a human voice, so they settled on robotic screams instead.
  • conceptual field manual for the Fulgore Mk. III was released by Iron Galaxy on the official Killer Instinct website, serving as Fulgore's background story for Killer Instinct (2013).
  • When the player reaches 16+ combo hits with Fulgore, the remixed classic theme of "Museum" will start to play. When both characters are kept idle for a certain amount of time, the remixed classic theme "Full-bore" will begin playing.
  • Fulgore was the last character to be confirmed for Killer Instinct (2013)'s initial Season One cast, and was first revealed in the game's launch trailer (showing only a shadowy robotic frame with glowing red eyes). Originally set to be available by March 2014, Fulgore's release became delayed until April 2014.


Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct 2

Killer Instinct (2013)

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