Killer Instinct #3: The Price of Freedom is the third and final issue of a series of three comics based on the classic Killer Instinct universe. It was released in the July of 1996.


The story picks up where the previous issue left off, with the Chairman of Ultratech introducing Eyedol to the world as their new ruler. Orchid, now joined by Jago and Thunder, prepares to battle, but the Chairman reveals that he knew that his tech assistant from earlier was truly Orchid in disguise all along, and tells the audience that she sought to end the tournament, much to their anger. He then releases Spinal, Riptor, and Glacius to attack them in a massive battle sure to entertain the audience, and retreats. Jago fights Riptor, Orchid fights Glacius, and Thunder fights Spinal, but suddenly TJ Combo leaps in from the audience to join the fray and assist Orchid. Jago and Orchid then run off to find Eyedol while TJ and Thunder deal with the others, but they are met with mass-produced Fulgores that they manage to dispose of fairly quickly.

Back in the Limbo Project chamber, Eyedol seems displeased with the Chairman's work, claiming that he knows nothing of power and that he has merely inconvenienced the people of the world. The Chairman claims that they will soon bring more of Eyedol's minions through the Limbo gate, but he is interrupted by Orchid and Jago's arrival. Jago declares that he has come to vanquish Eyedol in the name of the Tiger Spirit, and upon sensing the Tiger Spirit's presence Eyedol jumps at the chance for a fight. Eyedol tells the Chairman to defeat Orchid while he battles Jago, but since he is unable to fight, the Chairman flees instead with Orchid in hot pursuit. Eyedol taunts Jago all throughout their battle, but is defeated. The Tiger Spirit urges Jago to kill the demonic deity, but he refuses, claiming that it is against his code as a monk to end another's life - while the two discuss this, Eyedol heals himself and stands back up for round two.

Just as Orchid corners the Chairman and prepares to avenge Fern, she is contacted by the Tiger Spirit, who tells her to quickly return to help Jago. Frustrated, she runs back to the Limbo chamber, where Jago is still locked in combat with Eyedol and beginning to lose his strength. He tells her to activate the gate so that they can send Eyedol back into Limbo, and the two work together to push him into the portal and then destroy the machine. The two share a somber moment where neither of them can feel the presence of the Tiger Spirit any longer before parting ways with each other's blessings.
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