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  • edit Kim Wu
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    Summary: Kim Wu its not from South Korea, if we look carefully on her stage and her ending background its more inspired to China than South Korea. Also her weapon its most used in China.
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  • discussion page Talk:Spinal
    created by Kaidus 1 day ago
    New page: Trivia Section Edit Is there a way to add a trivia section? If so, I have something that can provide a foundation: "Spinal seems to be inspired from...
    Summary: Trivia Section: new section
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    Added photo:
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    Edited the section: 2014 C.E.
  • edit Rivals Mode
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    Edited the section: Transcripts
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    Edited the section: Moveset
    Summary: Sh
  • edit Shadow Jago
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    Edited the section: Moveset
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    Summary: i was gonna try something new, but it didnt work lol just pretend that didnt happen
  • edit Fulgore
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