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Shadow Jago Render
Height Unknown (Presumably same as Jago: 6'1" / 185 cm)


Unknown (Presumably same as Jago: 205 lbs)




Unknown (presumably evil)





I'm afraid your path ends here.

— Shadow Jago

Shadow Jago is an evil duplicate of Jago introduced in Killer Instinct for Xbox One as a character given to players who purchased a Day One 12-month Xbox Live membership card. Despite him being a different character from Jago, he still utilizes the same moveset as him.

Recently, it has been revealed that Shadow Jago is the true final boss of Killer Instinct (2013)'s, being fought instead at the end of the ladder in place of Fulgore under special conditions.


In appearance, Shadow Jago is identical to Jago except for a few key changes. His skin is pale blue, he has pupil-less eyes, has chains in place of rope wrapped around his torso, and various articles of clothing are tattered. His facemask is also stylized after a skeletal jaw in the mouth area. 

Although his moveset is identical to Jago's, the visual effects are differed in order to reflect Shadow Jago better (the fire in Jago's Endokuken is changed to a black, shadowy effect, etc.).

His voice is also more sinister than Jago's. Even though his voice is different, both Jagos share the same quotes.

Ultimate ComboEdit

Shadow Jago is the only character in Killer Instinct to have an Ultimate Combo

He does few of the slashes to his opponent and uppercuts him/her into the air, he then pulls out his broadsword and jumps into the air to strike his opponent for the final blow before they both land onto the ground.

Fighting Shadow JagoEdit

Shadow Jago is not fought in Arcade Mode by conventional means and must be unlocked to fight. In order to fight him, you must see all three endings of a character in Arcade Mode, regardless of difficulty. After doing that, that character (or any other character that has all three endings) must go through Arcade Mode again on at least Medium difficulty. The player must gain enough points by the end of the run to unlock the Shadow Jago fight. If you do, the final fight of Fulgore is skipped immediately to Shadow Jago fought in the Shadow Tiger's Lair.

This unplayable version of Shadow Jago has been tweaked in a few ways. For one, he has a completely new move, the Ninja Slide from Killer Instinct 2, which, when used allows him to slide across the floor, hitting his opponent and ending up on the opposite side of them. The Shadow version of this goes back and forth from each side of the opponent multiple times. He also had buffed stats, including super armor on some moves and the ability to shoot two Endokukens at once, rather than just one.

If Shadow Jago is defeated, a new ending sequence showing a montage of all the characters of Season 1 are shown and the Shadow Tiger's Lair is unlocked.


The playable version of Shadow Jago's moveset is indentical to Jago's. The unplayable boss version has some slightly altered statistics.

Command AttacksEdit

  • Double Roundhouse - Shadow Jago advances forward, delivering one roundhouse kick with each foot consecutively
  • Neck Cutter - Drawing his sword, Shadow Jago slashes downwards, hitting overhead

Special MovesEdit

  • Wind Kick - Shadow Jago flies forward in a straight kick - Works as a combo opener, linker, and ender
  • Laser Sword - Shadow Jago draws his sword, swinging it upward, denoted by a trail of dark, purple flames - Works as a combo opener, linker, and ender
  • Tiger Fury - Shadow Jago flies upward, delivering an uppercut as he ascends - Only works as a combo ender
  • Endokuken - Shadow Jago throws a dark purple fireball at his opponent (boss version throws two, consecutively) - Only works as a combo ender
  • Ninja Slide (?) (boss version only) - Shadow Jago slides across the ground in a forward kick, allowing him to move to the other side of his opponent on hit - Combo functions unknown

Instinct ModeEdit

  • Tiger's Fury (?) (playable version only) - Shadow Jago channels his power, causing his tattoos to glow, and gives himself the ability to regenerate health over time when not being hit, as well as gaining +2 on all attacks on hit as well as on block
  • Gargos' Fury (?) (boss version only) - Shadow Jago channels his power, causing his tattoos to glow, and gives himself the ability to gradually siphon meter from his opponent over time

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