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The moment she clutched the two-handed sword, the Guardian dwelling inside the blade called out her new name...

— Quote from Shin Hisako's teaser

Shin Hisako (真・久子 Shin Hisako?, "True Eternal Child" or "True Everlasting Child") is a new character introduced in the Post-Season Three content of Killer Instinct (2013). She embodies Hisako's transcendence into a Kami spirit upon reclaiming her father's katana blade. Shin Hisako was first revealed in the patch notes of the 3.6 update, and she was also officially released on March 17th, 2017.



Shin Hisako is almost identical to Hisako, but with some drastic changes. She now wears the signature sode shoulder armor and suneate shin guards of a samurai, combined with a black and gold dress and a yellow flower attached to her hair. Her eyes are now bright gold, same goes for her aura to symbolize her purged spirit. She wields a katana which contains a spirit of her beloved father.


The bonds tying her to the graveyard where her corporeal form was buried have been severed...

— Quote from Shin Hisako's teaser

Unlike her original counterpart, Shin Hisako is calm and joyful due to her spirit being purged by granting her father's guardian Katana blade. Because of this, her sense of hatred and anger that she has for centuries has faded away, freeing her from the bonds of her grave and was able to fight against the forces of Gargos without sensing any rage upon her.


Awakened to her true mind and full abilities, Shin Hisako wields her father’s katana, moving as swiftly as he did in his prime. She has discovered the ability to project her spirit onto the battlefield to surprise, confuse, and devastate the enemies of the light and deliver justice upon them.

Killer Instinct (2013)


And there exists yet another Coalesced Guardian in the form of a Japanese katana.

— Shin Hisako's Teaser in Shadow Lords dossier "Guardians: Origins VII".




Shin Hisako's theme is composed by the KI 2013 Season 3 composers, Celldweller and Atlas Plug. Unlike her original counterpart whose theme has Horror feel, Shin Hisako's theme has more Feudal feel with mix of dubstep and guitar. However most of her soundtrack has yet to be hear.


I will devour you.

— Shin Hisako's intro quote


Killer Instinct (2013)


  • Shin Hisako is the third "remix" character in the series, next to Shadow Jago (an evil and chaotic version of Jago when possessed by Omen) and Kilgore (a scrapped prototype of Fulgore).
    • Shin Hisako is also the first female remix character in the series.
  • Shin Hisako was first teased in the Shadow Lords dossier "Guardians: Origins VII".[1]
  • Shin Hisako was released in March 2017, two years after her original counterpart made her debut in Season 2.
  • Shin Hisako's Ultra Combo is registered at 27 hits, similar to her original counterpart. However, her Ultra Ender is more "cinematic" than the previous.


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