Spinal's Rooftop (also called the Castle Rooftop) is a stage in the original Killer Instinct. It serves as Spinal's main stage.


It is similar to the City Rooftop in Chicago, but set in a secluded castle environment at night, surrounded by a thick forest. A full moon can be seen overhead, though slightly hidden by clouds.

Knockoff (Stage Ultra)

The victor knocks the loser off the rooftop, eventually crashing through the bridge to an entrance and into the moat of murky water.

In the SNES version, the stage finisher sequence is intact, except the loser bounces off the bridge into the moat instead.


Spinal's classic KI1 theme, "Ya Ha Haa", is composed and mixed by Robin Beanland. The song's title and its "lyrics" are taken from the undead skeleton warrior's maniacal laugh.

OST Lyrics









  • This stage appeared differently in the SNES version, due to hardware limitations.
  • It is one of three different rooftop stages in the original game (including B.Orchid's Rooftop and Cinder's Desert Rooftop).


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