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An Ultra Combo is a special finisher where a combatant performs a long string of combos before ending the fight in a KO.


All characters can perform ultra combos as long as the player continues to keep mashing the attack buttons. After a long string of combos, the character will automatically perform a special move before ending the combo with a launching attack (i.e. Jago's uppercut) and knocking the opponent down. The average hits all ultra combo moves make could last up to 40 hits. Even though the ultra combo move ended, skilled players can continue stringing combos, sometimes lasting up to a 80 hit combo.

In the XBOX One version, an Ultra Combo is always preset at a specific value and the player cannot add hits to it. However, a player can now use their Instinct Mode (if they have one ready) to cancel the Ultra Combo allowing players to extend the Ultra Combo into another series of combos which can ultimately lead to another Ultra Combo. In addition, Ultra Combos gives the player a full bar to use for two Shadow Moves each time an Ultra Combo is performed extending it even further to upwards of 100 hits. Finally, if a player wants to simply end the match without going through the sequence, Ultra Combos can be ended prematurely into a powerful Ultra Ender but can be tagged on at the end of Ultra Combo strings for even more variety for Ultra Combos.

List of Ultra CombosEdit

Killer InstinctEdit

Orchid: Acrobatically backflips into her opponent then uppercutting them. (?? Hits)

TJ Combo: Makes a rolling punching combo, uppercuts them, then punches his opponent with a windmill punch as soon as they go down.

Jago: Slashes his opponent with his katana multiple times, then launches them with a jumping slash.

Spinal: Repeatedly slashes his opponent with his cutlass, then fires five flaming skulls in their direction.

Killer Instinct 2Edit

Jago: Delivers a series of left and right snap kicks that juggles his opponent, then uppercuts them.

Glacius: Repeatedly donkey kicks its opponent, then grabs them to throw down back and forth.

Kim Wu: Performs a flying roll into their opponent then uppercuts them.

Killer Instinct (2013 video game)Edit

Jago: Performs a series of snap kicks that juggles his opponent, then launches them high up with a jumping uppercut. (?? hits)

Sabrewulf: Uppercuts his opponent. Then uppercuts them again, sending them high up. (?? hits)

Glacius: A giant icicle errupts to launch its opponent sky high. (1 hit)

Thunder: Headbutts his opponent twice upwards then summons a thunderstorm lightning that strikes his opponent and sends them up vertically. (9 hits)

List of Ultra Enders Edit

Jago: Hops and spins around with his sword, knocking his opponent away.

Sabrewulf: Readies himself and performs a powerful flip kick, similar to one of his KI2 moves.

Glacius: Slams his hand into the ground, and a giant icicle erupts to knock the opponent away.

Thunder: Slams both of his Tomahawks into the ground.

Sadira: Turns around and performs a powerful side kick.

Orchid: Summons a Firecat that crashes into the opponent.

Spinal: A giant skeletal arm erupts from the ground and uppercuts the opponent.

Fulgore: Creates a powerful energy burst around himself.


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